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Cải tạo mới ngôi nhà ở Sydney

Kiến trúc sư Luigi Rosselli đã thiết kế một phần mở rộng phía sau theo phong cách hiện đại cho ngôi nhà được làm từ gạch đầu thế kỷ 20 ở Sydney, Úc.

Kiến trúc sư đã mở rộng một bên của hiên nhà nối liền ra khoảng sân đến hồ bơi tạo ra một không gian sinh hoạt mới cho những thành viên trong gia đình.

A verandah to the side of this 1910's brick house was extended to become a carport, and beyond, a swimming pool and additional living spaces were created.

This modern two storey house extension has a wraparound swimming pool, and allows the water to be the main focus that holds the two distinct sections of the house together.

This modern house extension has a living, dining and kitchen area on the main floor that's open to the backyard, while the additional bedrooms upstairs are closed off with manually controlled shutters for privacy. The upper floor cantilevers towards the backyard, allowing for the overhang to provide shade for the lower floor.

Khu vực mở rộng phòng khách sinh hoạt nằm ngay trên mặt hồ như một hòn đảo giữa biển

This modern house extension has a cantilever that provides shade to an outdoor space. A Blackbutt wood deck with a ceiling covered in Western Red Cedar has a bbq area off to the side, and a grassy backyard.

Khu vực sinh hoạt nối liền với sân vườn sau nhà với bãi cỏ xanh mướt cùng cây xanh lớn che mát cả khoảng sân

Inside this modern house extension, there's a large open plan interior, with the living room looking out onto the pool, while the dining area is anchored in the space by a custom made light. Large 'S' wave sheer curtains line the walls to create an open and airy feeling.

This wood and white modern kitchen has a toughened glass window that doubles as a backsplash. The design of the kitchen island emulates the cantilevered first floor additions seen outside.

In this modern extension, engineered oak flooring sits flush with the window frames and the recessed window frames provide an unobstructed view of the pool. In the pool, glass mosaic tiles give a natural shimmer to the water.

In this bathroom, bronze accents and grey walls have been paired with colorful patterned Encaustic tiles from Europe.

This white and wood spiral staircase links the old house to the new extension. White plaster has been finished with an enamel paint to protect it from children's fingerprints, and off to the side of the stairs is a wine storage wall.


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